Falcon Winch Assist on a Hyundai Base Goes to Work


Falcon Winch Assist on a Hyundai Base Goes to Work

On June 22, DC Equipment delivered the first Falcon Winch Assist system to be incorporated into a Hyundai 290-7 Excavator to Nelson/Marlborough based Bryant Logging. The 290-7  had a previous life as a demolition machine, taking part in the Christchurch earthquake reconstruction effort. In May it arrived at DC’s Brightwater workshop to undergo the transformation into a new winch machine.

“It’s always good to put the Falcon system on an excavator model that we haven’t had the opportunity to do before as it always poses some unique engineering challenges to overcome”, said Mike Carmody, Falcon Winch Assist Project Manager.


Falcon Winch Assist loaded and ready to go

This machine is Bryant Logging’s second Falcon Winch Assist with their first one having been in operation since late 2015. Their first machine on a Komatsu PC300 base is on the cover of NZ Logger’s July 2016 issue and will feature in Iron test section.