About Us


Our mission is to create a safer and more productive steep slope logging industry throughout the world. We design and manufacture a range of mechanised steep slope logging equipment that significantly reduces the health and safety risk to workers whilst at the same time increasing the overall efficiency and productivity of crews.

Based in the New Zealand town of Brightwater at the top of the South Island, we produce the Falcon Forestry Equipment (FFE) range as well as providing maintenance and repairs services to logging crews and FFE equipment owners.

Each product is based around the fundamental principal of developing uncomplicated, easy to use equipment that reduces health and safety risks to workers whilst increasing the productivity of the entire crew. This is achieved through developing specific equipment to remove workers from the riskiest parts of the logging process. The mechanised equipment then provides the crew with the ability to fell and extract logs more efficiently and in greater volume.

Our History


DC Equipment was founded in 2006 as DC Repairs by Dale and Christine Ewers owners of one of New Zealand’s largest independent steep slope harvesting companies, Moutere Logging. DC started out as small two person repair business responsible for maintaining Moutere Logging’s forestry machinery. In 2009 Dale, Christine and the staff saw an additional purpose for the business. Driven by the intent to reduce the amount of health & safety incidents and the potential for serious harm to their logging crew members involved in log extraction, DC began developing a mechanised grapple carriage.

After an extensive design and trial process, DC began commercially producing the remote operated Falcon Claw Grapple Carriage. With two models and over 30 sales in New Zealand and Chile, the Falcon Claw has considerably reduced the number of accidents in the crews where it is used. In Moutere logging crews alone the introduction of the Falcon Claw has seen a 87.5% reduction in overall H&S incidents from 2011 to 2015. In doing so the Falcon Claw has also proved to be just as efficient as the older method of crews attaching chains to trees and is even more productive than the older method on easier slope terrain.

After the successful introduction of the Falcon Claw, DC has developed further products including the Falcon Grapple Camera System for Swing Yarders, the Falcon Hydraulic Winch Assist for mechanised felling and most recently the Falcon 60 Tower Yarder.

Today, DC Equipment sells products throughout  New Zealand as well as exporting to Chile and Canada. We are continuing to refine our current product range as well as developing new products that will progress our mission towards zero Health & Safety incidents and greater productivity for steep slope logging crews.

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Our Mission


We are a Forestry Solutions Company operating on a global stage developing and commercialising world leading innovative technologies. Our focus is on safe, efficient and effective solutions for the Forest Industry and the communities we serve.


Our Vision


We will be a global leader in steep slope solutions with an extraordinary focus on:

  • Safe
  • Efficient
  • Effective and environmentally friendly technology serving our global communities.

We grow and engage Our People by:

  • Embracing technology
  • Nurturing idea’s
  • Respecting each other’s views
  • Enjoying what we do
  • Protecting our heritage


Our Values


Zero Harm

  • Everyone Home Safe Every Day
  • Follow Procedures at All Times
  • Have The Courage to Intervene

“We are totally committed to ensuring everyone returns home safe every day. We achieve this by following procedures at all times and having the courage to intervene when anybody’s safety is at risk”.



  • Challenge the Status Quo
  • Open Our Minds
  • Strive for Simplicity

“We create innovation by challenging the status quo with open minds and continually striving for simplicity”.


Team Work

  • Our Strength is in Our Team
  • Respectful Communication
  • Encourage & Support Each Other

“Our greatest strength is in our team. We pride ourselves in honest respectful communication, encouraging and supporting each other no matter what challenges we face”.



  • Define
  • Achievable
  • Measurable

“Before we take action we make sure it is clearly defined, the desired outcome is achievable and able to be measured”.



  • Pride
  • In everything we do
  • Second to none

“Taking pride in everything we do, we continually strive to achieve excellence by delivering results that are second to none”.



  • Belief
  • Motivated
  • Clear Vision




Based in the picturesque Nelson region, DC Equipment is a family owned business with staff that turn up to work every day to make a positive difference to the logging industry. With a diverse workforce, we are always looking for talented trade staff and professional engineers who have a passion for manufacturing and logging. If you are one of these people, please contact us.