Dean Blacklaws Logging New Falcon Winch Assist


Dean Blacklaws Logging New Falcon Winch Assist

DC Equipment has recently fitted the Falcon Winch Assist system to its first brand new excavator base, a Sumitomo SH 300 for Dean Blacklaws Logging.  Based in the Nelson and Marlborough region, owners Dean and Julia Blacklaws now run a fully mechanised ground based crew. According Dean the decision to fit the Falcon Winch Assist system to a brand new carrier was a no brainer.

“Our decision to put the Falcon Winch on a new machine was based on future proofing our business, by investing in a new base machine we are ensuring reliability of the base machine and we know that the machine will continue to perform well into the future”.

For Dean the single drum large rope Winch Assist best suited his operation, “having looked at the options in the market and with our experience of our first Bulldozer winch, the single drum 1 1/8 inch roped machine made complete sense. The significant safety benefits of the large rope and breaking strain along with the practical easy to use single rope system allows our felling machine operator to work safely as well as efficiently”.

Having owned their own logging crew for over five years, the addition of the Falcon Winch Assist allows Dean and Julia to be fully mechanised which has been a goal of theirs since starting their logging operation.

“I’ve been in logging for seventeen years and I’ve seen the harm that can be inflicted by having staff on the ground. Mechanisation and putting people in machines goes a long way to eliminating the risk and danger to our workers. Another benefit of mechanisation is that we no longer require only fit young people to be down the hill or on the end of a chainsaw. Mechanisation enables other types of people to work in the industry who may not of otherwise been physically capable of working day in and day out on the ground in a demanding environment”, said Dean.
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