Falcon HD Grapple Camera

Interview with Nippy

Interview Draft 3-1


Hear from Nippy as he talks about his experience with the Falcon HD Grapple Camera System. As Nippy discovered, the clearer view that the system provides will allow your logging operation to haul more wood and gives him the best view of the hillside possible. 


The Falcon HD Grapple Camera System has been developed to provide a Swing Yarder operator with the full visibility and grappling accuracy they need to improve cycle times and increase overall productivity.

  • The world’s first commercialised Grapple Camera System
  • Can be fitted to any Swing Yarder Grapple system
  • Installed and operated in over 50 Swing Yarder crews.
  • Removes the need for a spotter down the hill
  • Provides clear visibility in any weather conditions day or night
  • Transmits up to 900 metres

Constructed to Handle the Toughest Environments

Yarder Grapples are built to withstand extreme punishment and the Falcon HD Grapple Camera System is built to do the same.

  • Video Transmitter Unit is made from BISPLATE 80 with yield strength three times that of standard steel.
  • The Transmitter is mounted on four rubber isolation mounts.
  • The Transmitter aerial and GPS aerial are covered in Marguard high strength polycarbonate.
  • The camera is mounted in a silicon encapsulated jacket to minimise vibration.

Complete Purpose Built Unit

HD Falcon Grapple Camera System In Action

The Falcon HD Grapple Camera System comes as a complete assembled unit and is simple to install and maintain.

  • Heavy Duty HD Camera & Transmitter Unit.
  • Tower Receiver & Aerial Assembly.
  • Battery Charging System.
  • Two Lithium Batteries.
  • 21.5” LCD Monitor.
  • Spare Transmitter, Receiver & Camera.

LCD Display Features

The 19 inch LCD display gives the operator clear visibility and real time information.

  • Distance From Grapple To Hauler
  • Video Signal Strength
  • Battery Voltage.
  • Real-time video

Increase Productivity With All Weather Operation

All Weather Operation

The Falcon HD Grapple Camera System is designed to be operated in a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures. The high quality waterproof camera has infrared for low light and poor visibility operation allowing the operator to work at any time day or night.

Extend The Hours You Operate

The system is designed to run up to 24 hours per day and comes with two Lithium rechargeable batteries each having a 10 hour running time. It also comes with a wall charger.

Extend The Hours You Operate


  • 1080 Full High Definition (HD) resolution
  • High Tensile Steel Housing
  • Auto Shading Lens For High Contrast Environments
  • 100% Triple O-Ring Sealed Housing
  • Accurate Colour In All Conditions
  • 60 Frames Per Second
  • IP67 Rated
  • Multiple aerials for for increased signal integrity
  • Transmits Up to 1,000m (Line of Site)
  • Less than 1 mili-second latency
  • Two Lithium Batteries
  • 20 Hour Run Time Per Battery
  • Wall Charger Provided
  • Built to withstand shock/vibration