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Falcon Winch Assist

Falcon Winch Assist

The Falcon Winch Assist is the only Hydraulic Winch Machine on the market that provides your crew with Safety, Simplicity, Productivity and Real Versatility.

  • Practical and versatile, the Falcon Winch Assist system can to be fitted to any Excavator over 27 tonnes.
  • The single drum 1 ⅛ inch roped provides continuous traction support for felling and shovelling machines on steep slopes.
  • Multiple safety features and operating alarms  gives the operator the safety and security to concentrate on the task at hand.
  • Designed to be a multi purpose machine, The Falcon Winch Assist can be used effectively for digging, loading and shovelling.

Simplicity of Operation

Developed in the forest with collaboration from logging crews every step of the way means the single rope Falcon Winch Assist is engineered to be uncomplicated, simple to operate and easy to maintain.
  • The Felling Machine Operator only has to manage one rope when operating down the slope reducing complexity and potential for snags.
  • The Winch System design provides less mechanical and electrical complexity and therefore opportunity for faults and breakdowns.
  • The Winch Unit is enclosed by rear guarding for protection with easy access points for maintenance.
Simplicity of Operation

Multiple Safety Features

Multiple Safety Features
The Falcon Winch Assist has been designed and tested through thousands of operational hours in a wide range of slope and soil conditions. As a result we’ve developed a number of safety features to eliminate operator risk.
  • Overspeed Alarm triggering a rope management system in the Winch which automatically slows it down to prevent shock-loading.
  • Movement Alarm to alert the operator is the Winch Machine experiences any movement.
  • Cab Door Tamper Detection Alarm.
  • Over Tension Alarms.
  • Drum Over Speed Alarm/Arrest.
  • Maximum Rope Pay Out Alarm/Arrest.
  • Live Feed Camera System for the Operator monitoring the engine bay and winch drum.

Large Rope Size For Greater Safety

The Falcon Winch Assist uses the largest rope size of any Winch Assist machine currently on the market. At 1 ⅛ inch (28mm) diameter the swaged rope provides 72 tonnes of breaking strength ensuring that even shock loading at 10-15 tonnes will not compromise the strength or structural integrity of the rope.
  • Falcon Winch Assist 1 1/8" rope has a 21.9 tonne safe working load.
  • Higher elasticity and breaking strains compared to smaller 7/8" rope.
  • Higher elasticity and breaking strains equates to longer rope life and less wear.
Large Rope Size For Greater Safety

Versatility On The Skid

Versatility On The Skid
The Falcon Winch Assist is designed to allow logging contractors to use it as a multi purpose machine. The Falcon system has minimal impact on the original specifications and performance of the base excavator. It comes with the option of a quick hitch so it can also operate as a loader, conventional digger or as a loader or shovelling machine.
  • On a 30 tonne carrier, the weight of the complete of the Winch Unit is comparable to the original counter weight.
  • With only an additional 600mm of length to the counterweight the machine performance is very similar to the original.


  • Winch Drum Size: 500m of 1 1/8’ swaged wire rope
  • Winch Pull Effort: 21.9 tonnes (estimated)
  • Winch Speed: Varies between machines – winch speeds are set to the teethed machines ‘turtle’ walk mode to enable the over-speed safety arrest system to work
  • Cooling: Additional radiator installed

Optional Extras

<p>Fire Suppression with option to add a water tank on the machine

Fire Suppression with option to add a water tank on the machine

Guarding Packages
Guarding Packages
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Cat Walks


Video and Images

Filmed in beautiful Forks, Washington State- This video showcases Dilley & Soloman Logging Co's Falcon Winch Assist and Timberpro TL765.