FFE Skylight Lights Up The Darkness


FFE Skylight Lights Up The Darkness

A new lighting system that has been specially designed for forestry use allows crews to pull wood in the low light situations.

It’s called the Skylight and is DC Equipment’s latest innovation.

The FFE Skylight can be fixed to any Swing Yarder grapple to floodlight the work area, enabling the operator to easily identify and grab felled trees. Independent tests have shown that the illumination provides an even spread of light to the grapple line of sight and immediate surrounding area. The Skylight also enhances infrared, “The feedback we’ve had has been fantastic –it puts out an astonishing amount of light and it was not dissimilar to working in natural light conditions,” says Frankie Davidson, of DC Equipment.

The FFE Skylight is designed and built to work in the toughest forestry environments. The shock-proof housing is constructed from high-tensile BIS 80 plate and the light components are completely waterproof.

Inside is a Hella LED light unit, consisting of 6 high-powered bulbs. The unit comes with the same type of re-chargeable battery (10.8V) that is used in the FFE Camera System, and are interchangeable. A full charge, it will provide non-stop lighting for up to 10 hours.

“Crews can now start earlier so they can pull a full day’s tonnage and have equipment serviced during daylight hours. In the fire season, they can start earlier in cooler temperatures and finish when it’s too hot and dry without missing production targets.”