New Falcon Claw Goes to Work In Northland


New Falcon Claw Goes to Work In Northland

DC Equipment recently sold and commissioned a new Falcon Claw 1580 to a logging crew in Northland. The Falcon Claw is the eighth Claw currently operating in the North Island.

Falcon Claw model numbers pertain to the overall weight of the Carriage. The Falcon Claw 1580 has same body as a 1250, it is called a 1580 due to the larger grapple. The extra weight of the grapple takes the total weight of the Claw from 1250kgs to 1580kgs.

All Falcon Claws sold over the last year in New Zealand have been sold with the larger grapple as it is better suited to NZ logging conditions. DC Equipment also has a number of Falcon Claws operating in Chile as the smaller grapple is better suited to their conditions.

Falcon Claw 1580

Falcon Claw Video Screen