New Modular Winch Design


New Modular Winch Design

Creating modular design concepts is new to most industries and especially new to the forestry world. DC have taken this unique approach to their new Falcon Forestry Winch and created a machine that not only looks better but performs better too.

For this project, DC’s Research & Design team spoke extensively with Falcon Winch Assist operators throughout New Zealand and came up with a list of enhancements.

Shaun Mills, DC’s Automation Engineer and Electrical Designer says that developing a modular design improved not only the look of the Falcon Forestry Winch but its functionality and manufacturability as well.

“The Winch is now a bolt on modular design instead of being a model specific welded on unit. This allows us to build the winch to a core spec design meaning the manufactured units are identical and can be bolted onto multiple different machines without huge changes having to be implemented. This adaptability is especially beneficial when shipping modules overseas.

The shorter design also means there is less tail swing and increased ground clearance. We’ve also managed to bring the controls into the rearframe (from the cab). This makes the wiring and installation of the controls a lot quicker and easier”.

Not only have DC improved upon the physical elements of the Falcon Winch Assist, they have brought digital technology to the forefront of the design as well.

“We can now remotely access each winch and diagnose its processes in real time” says Shaun.

“Full data logging has now been introduced and we can monitor oil temp, pressure and a host of other every day processes and store that data for up to three months on the machine itself. The user interface has been re-designed as well. Through much testing and feedback from our operators, we decided to move away from a touch-screen based system to joystick control”.

Not only has the Falcon Winch Assist been made better, it’s been made safer. A lot of the additional functionality focuses on advanced cable management to avoid shock loading which is ultimately geared towards ensuring the safety of the downhill operator.

With these improvements the Falcon Forestry Winch can be manufactured faster, the product delivered is safer and ultimately the Forestry World is brought one step further into the 21st Century.

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